Why I love Autumn so much

Well, hello… yet another blog in this forever expanding corner of the world called the internet. I don’t think most of us even write posts to be noticed by a wide readership – a few of our friends (because that’s what friends are for, right?), once in a while a stranger or two interested in the same things as we are, and voila – here we are, happily typing in the quiet space of our house (as long as the darn fire alarm doesn’t go off, again).

I believe when we decide to start a blog and write stuff and things (is this phrase still a thing?), it is mainly for ourselves. For future reference, for fun, for having something to do, for feeling accomplished when nothing else but this gets done that day. No matter for what reason, the most important thing about this is, it should be fun. Therefore…

Autumn is my favourite season of them all. Winter is next in the line, though Spring makes me depressed and Summer is just a big no no. So, Autumn it is. Not only does the world seem a much nicer place with the different hues of yellows and oranges (though this year not even that helps to make the world seem a nice place), but also it’s when nature shows us that it is indeed alright to let go even if it means a part of you has to die. It shows us that when some things fall, we should let them.

Some of the less dramatic reasons for my love of Autumn are: the crisp air, and the way it smells – it sounds weird, I realise that, but it’s true. Especially the late-October air has a very distinctive smell, and not a bad one. The next reason is quite obvious, really. Crunching leaves. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy doing that, because who doesn’t? It’s so satisfying.

If you can’t see any valid reasons for liking Autumn, then I have one for you that you can’t deny. Everything great and fun when it comes to TV series happens during Autumn. The Gilmore Girls are back (I just died a little). New seasons of old series, brand new series, Black Mirror season 3 on Netflix? Don’t mind if I do. Though that would require Netflix to actually cooperate, and I don’t see that happening.

As a self-certified book nerd, I can’t leave this here without mentioning the fact that Autumn is when the most exciting things in the book world happen. Didn’t you hear? The newest book by Ali Smith came out yesterday! It’s thematically titled Autumn. The newest illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came out at the beginning of October. Do I need to say more? No? Good. Now go get yourself a copy of both of these books.




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