Bullet Journal Set-Up | 2017 edition

I started bullet journaling over a year ago. With regular planners, I always felt there was not enough/too much space, the layout was all wrong for what I needed to do, and the paper quality was not good enough for my pens. Then I discovered bullet journaling, and my planning life was complete.


The basics are, for those of you who are perhaps not yet familiar with the planning world (beware, once you go down this rabbit hole there is no going back): basically, all you need is a notebook of your choice, a pen, and things you want to plan. The original idea as thought of by Ryder Carroll can be found at this website. The design skills are top notch, though for me personally, the original idea of a bullet journal is a bit too basic by now. Though that’s the beauty of it – you don’t have to follow any rules, because there are no rules. You set up your own layout, your own key, your own sections. The point of a bullet journal is that you don’t need fifty different journals and planners, as you can keep everything in one little notebook (haha, that didn’t quite work out #stationeryaddict).


Now, onto my version of this planning system that will change your life (I am not trying to pitch it to you, it honestly did help me in so many ways!).

Since this is not my first bullet journal, I have learned what works for me and what doesn’t. I know that if I try to make everything uber-decorative, I will get halfway through and give up (my attention span is not very long). I know, by now, that having an index – which is suggested, as you’re using a blank notebook – is pointless for me. I am in it for the sound of turning pages, so even when I had an index, I never bothered looking for the page number, I just went through the notebook enjoying the sound of paper. About the index thing – I find that since this is your bullet journal, after a bit of time you know where what section lies intuitively, without needing a page number.

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This year, instead of the usual Leuchtturm 1917, I am going with a Traveler’s Notebook insert number 013 (the lightweight paper, also the insert with the most pages), for my own personal convenience of being able to put it together with my other little notebooks. The beauty of this insert is that even though it is a lightweight paper, it is the Tomoe River Paper, therefore it takes ink like no other paper – and being a lover and user of fountain pens, the quality of your paper becomes your number one priority.

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Righto, here is what sections are included in my 2017 version of my bullet journal (in bullets – see! I can do puns!):

  • future log
  • 2017 goals (not resolutions, just intentions for the year) – inspired by this amazing lady
  • depression self-help page – to remind myself of what helps when I am not at my best
  • social tracker
  • movie watchlist
  • books to read
  • books read in 2017
  • level 10 life
  • savings
  • TV series tracker (I can’t even remember how many times I spent hours and hours trying to figure out which episode of which season of Grey’s Anatomy I’ve seen last)
  • blog ideas
  • wishlist (trying to stop impulse shopping, so if I want something, it goes on my wishlist and if I still want it when it’s my birthday/Christmas/I have a bit extra cash, then I get it)
  • penpal tracker (having quite a number of people with whom I send letters back and forth, this helps me to keep on track with everything)
  • calendar for any given month (currently January calendar)
  • memories from any given month (currently January memories)
  • daily gratitude (currently January gratitude)
  • habit tracker
  • weekly spread (usually a double page spread, though it can become longer than that – like a day on a page if it’s one of the horribly busy days)

And that’s me! If you have a planner you are rather proud of, or that you think might interest me, definitely show and tell!

For endless planner inspiration, go have a look at my planner instagram. Have a great Sunday, and I’ll see you next time.



6 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Set-Up | 2017 edition

    • layla says:

      I have to say, I love the look of yours! So creative ๐Ÿ™‚ I used Leuchtteurm for a year and felt it was time for a change – we’ll see if I’ll stick with it for the whole year ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • layla says:

        I thought it was well worth the money – less shadowing than in the Moleskine notebooks, though there still is some, and I really liked the fact that the pages were already numbered for me. Though as I mentioned, page numbers are no longer of much importance to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Another plus, though it’s unnecessary luxury is the range of colours you can choose from!


    • layla says:

      Me and you both! I guess we’ll see in a few months ๐Ÿ™‚
      They do get heavy if you stuff them with inserts, and stuff the inserts with ephemera and bits and bobs – I quickly learned to leave my travel insert at home as it contains all the tickets, brochures etc., so it gets very heavy for an everyday carry. Currently I have three inserts in my TN, and it’s carry-able, as long as I am not carrying my laptop and a 800 pages long book ๐Ÿ˜›


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