Non-Fiction November 2017

It’s that time of the year again. When the crunchiness of the leaves is almost gone, it rains every day here in Scotland, and you can smell the winter air in what still feels like autumn, and non-fiction November rolls around onto us unprepared readers. Although this year, I gave myself a couple days of preparation so I guess I am doing it right for once.

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Non-Fiction November aka What Is It I Am Talking About?

For several years now, I have been participating in non-fiction November. A yearly event, originally coming from the lovely Olive and Gemma, in which all readers are welcomed to read more non-fiction than they would in their everyday reading habits. Personally, I have participated for the past two years, so this year is my third. And I am upping my game.

There are usually four different challenges which you can take upon yourself to fulfill, although don’t necessarily need to. I, for one, am taking a pass, as I don’t do very well within too tight settings. The challenges this year are as follows:

  • home
  • substance
  • love
  • scholarship

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What am I planning on reading?

As is always the case, my TBR (to be read) pile this year is overly ambitious. What fun would it be if it wasn’t? I like variety. I like a challenge. I like reading non-fiction. So without further ado, here are the books I most definitely wish to read and in which form I will be doing so:

There is definitely a certain pattern in all of the titles above, so you can guess what my life is right now – a mess which I am trying to figure out.

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As if that by itself wasn’t an extensive TBR pile enough, I have some back up books, too.

Well, I am certain I won’t get to all of these. But I shall try hard to read as much of as many of them as possible. How exactly I plan to do that?

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My Reading Plan

Don’t worry, I did not actually make a separate planner spread for which title and how many pages I need to read each day. Although, now that I’m thinking of it, that would be rather fun. But no, all I am planning on doing is read whenever possible. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a human, and one without an immediate purpose at that, so I am very keen on spending hours on end watching YouTube videos and Netflix. Days go past and suddenly it’s been five days since I went outside or read a book. My one goal this month is to balance out the reading and watching, and to focus on the non-fiction titles listed above. I mean, I have already pulled an all-nighter watching season 2 of Stranger Things, so I should be okay.

I might even dive into a bit of a fiction reading. I do, after all, have a book which Nicole of The Bibliophile Chronicles kindly lent me, as well as a few books I borrowed from the library and which they will soon want back. So let’s see how that all plays out, shall we?

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Looking for Inspiration? My Favourite Participants of 2017

If you need a little kick in the direction of participation (I know, I know, it’s already a few days in.. but it’s never too late) or a little inspiration on what to read, here are a few of my favourite participants of this year.

Now you are all set to choose a few books (it can even be just one, but do participate! It’s fun, I promise!), postpone life, and read for hours on end.

Happy reading and let me know what it is you are reading. As you have seen, my TBR is not quite unmanageable just yet, and I’d love to add to it.




3 thoughts on “Non-Fiction November 2017

  1. Pavel says:

    My plan for November?
    Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams – The Book of Joy: Finding Enduring Happiness in an Uncertain World
    Michel Schwartz – Neuroimmunity
    Michael Sinclair, Josie Seydel – Mindfulness for Busy People


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