The Christmas Guide | 2017 Edition

‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year!

Okay, so maybe not everybody is as big of a fan of Christmas as I am. And maybe you think it is still way too early to be in the holiday mood. But the town is all decked out for Christmas, I have put up my Christmas decorations, and I even started my Christmas shopping. So, for me, it is officially Christmas time.

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The purpose of this Christmas guide is to perhaps help you find some gem for your friend or family, a gift that they will really love and cherish upon receiving. There are limitations to how much I can recommend. The scope of these recommendations comes from the scope of my interests. But if you have somebody in your life who is into the same things I am, you might find something worth gifting. Just make sure (in secret) that they don’t already have whatever it is you want to get for them.

And remember, the best gift still is a handmade gift. How about making a Christmas card? Or a little album full of memories you cherish with that person? Go all out this Christmas, and give your loved ones something that comes from the heart (and from the hands).

Small print: all the items I recommend are ones that I tried and love, or wish to try in the near future. I only recommend when I believe in the item, and when I believe in the people behind them.

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For the Reader

One gift that I personally think would be cherished by all of us readers is The Willoughby Book Club subscription (hi, mum and dad!). I’ve had my eye on this one for quite a while now, and it will be one of the things I will be asking for this Christmas. On their website, you can see all the information, as well as choose which subscription genre you think the person you’re shopping for would love.

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Now, if you are looking to gift one book, here are some of my recent favourites:

Poetry: the sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur

Fiction: Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

Non-Fiction: Evicted by Matthew Desmond

Manga: The Girl from the Other Side by Siúil, a Rún

For the Crafter

I will have to recommend another subscription.. this time, though, it is a magazine subscription. I received this for Christmas last year, and nothing made me happier than receiving a goodness of a parcel packed full with relevant articles, ideas, wonderful photos, and little extra bits and bobs. The Flow Magazine is the perfect gift if you know a crafter, they have various different subscriptions as well, and they ship internationally!

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Another wonderful gift is getting them a gift card for one of the online crafting stores, so that you don’t need to fret over what they might like, and leave it to them to enjoy the browse. My absolute favourite one (UK based) is Hey Little Magpie.

For the Journaler

You might expect me to recommend you some journals. Not really… although, there are two!

The Midory 2018 Diary is one that I simply can’t wait to use. Again, there are various sizes and formats available, so that you can tailor it to the one receiving the gift. My favourite is the A5 one, which is the one I have ready for when 2018 hits us (unfortunately, this one is now out of stock on The Journal Shop website but have a browse around the internet). It comes with monthly pages for 2018, but the rest is completely blank, except for a few lines on each page. The perfect gift for those who always scribble things down!

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If you know someone who is obsessed with making lists like I am, then the 52 Lists for Happiness is the perfect journal. It comes with a beautiful packaging – a hardcover with foiled details, fully coloured, with amazing double spread photographs inserted between the listing spaces. My favourite list prompt? Definitely this one: List the simple ways you enjoy being kind to others. I cannot recommend this journal enough.

The next gift recommendation is another book. But this time, it is all about hand lettering. The Hand Lettering: Creative Alphabets for Any Occasion by Thy Doan Graves is such a beautiful gem. Personally, I absolutely love this book, and refer to it often. It showcases a large number of different alphabets in their full form, has blank spaces for you to practice, and contains a few hand lettered artworks as well.

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And another book… actually, two books (I just can’t help myself!). The ABCs of Hand Lettering (currently on sale on Abbey’s website!) together with The ABCs of Journaling by Abbey Sy would make the perfect duo to unwrap on Christmas day. Full of colourful pictures and instructions, these books guide you through the beginnings of hand lettering and journaling. Although, I have to say that even though I don’t consider myself to be a beginner, I still found much use in them, and enjoy having them in my collection.

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There is one amazing indie shop, Cafe Analog, ran by the most amazing lady, that sells the most wondrous stationery of all kinds. I have previously invested in some stamps from Cafe Analog, and have been using them in my journals ever since!

For the Coffee Lover

You all probably know about Keep Cup. Or, more likely, you have seen them before, without realising what the brand is. I’ll be honest with you, some of their colour matches are not really my style, but this glass one with cork around the middle is simply stunning! They come in various sizes and with various seal colours, so you can choose based on how much coffee you think the person you are gifting this to needs.

The very last item on this list are actual coffee beans. I first came to know about them in my local health foods shop (where I recommend you purchase them – shop local!), and had to google more about them. While under a larger brand of Taylors, these coffee beans are Grown by Women, and the money made from it go right back to them (or they say so).

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If you have any gift ideas that would roughly fit into these categories, let me know. Because I, too, need some inspiration when it comes to what I should wish for.

A lovely Sunday to you all!


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